Friday, November 30, 2007

Tons of Snow on Mt Hood and the Ski Season Kicks Off

Well, after a few days of the weather forecasters giving wishy-washy reports, we can finally see for ourselves that the ski season has finally kicked off! I have heard the saying "I wish it would just snow already" from just about everyone in "the Hood". It was a strange start this year, with frost on the ground in late October, and then sunny warm days to follow. For those who wanted to enjoy a late fall hike - it was perfect weather. But as the rain crept in and tempuratures dropped, most of us just wanted to snow to fall - and it finally has . . . is. Yep - it's snowing now, and has been nearly all day. There's even snow at the base of the mountain, all the way down to Sandy on the west side along Highway 26. If you're on the east side - we'd love to hear about the snowfall on your side!

So while the forecasters wait until Saturday for their snowfall in the valleys and possibly even downtown Portland - we've got a beautiful blanket of fluffy, white, sticky snow - and all of the Mt Hood ski resorts will be open. For all of you who've been waiting - either we'll see you there - or tell you all about it. Either way, enjoy!

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