Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Rare Shooting in Zig Zag near Lolo Pass

Car accidents, hiking tragedies, weather related injuries and accidents: all things that I thought about when I heard the tens of sirens rushing through the Mt Hood Corridor last night. But I have to admit - even after living in Los Angeles for 25 years with gangs and gun violence - I didn't even imagine that there could have been a shooting.

Late Monday evening, two men and two nine-year old children were coming back from Government Camp, where they had earlier been snowboarding and enjoying life. They reportedly were being followed too closely by another vehicle somewhere near Rhododendron. After a short time, the men decided to pull over to the side of the road, hoping that the aggressive driver would pass. But that didn't happen, the other vehicle actually pulled over as well. The men got out of the car and walked over to the other vehicle, reportedly spoke for a moment, and then both men were shot. They ran back to their car, and drove west towards Zig Zag, where they pulled over again at the Lolo Pass intersection of Zig Zag. At that point, both men were rushed to the hospital in Portland. Both men are recovering, one is still in the hospital with serious injuries.

I am making a quick assumption that the shooter is not from this area, but the police have no information, and are actively investigating the details of the shooting. At this point, it is being called a case of road rage, but there doesn't seem to be anything to indicate that the two men did anything to anger the other driver, but in fact - the opposite could be considered true. It sounds more like a set up - the driver behind the two men was seemingly instigating a confrontation.

Many people who are not from the area assume that this is a sleepy little mountain area. Most locals are aware that there is not enough policing of the illegal activities on the mountain, and that there is never anyone around when needed, at least on the west side of the mountain. It would be great if more local residents would become involved, speaking up about the things that are happening in our own backyards. If you have something to say - you can even say it annonymously here, just leave your opinions in the comments area.


  1. I think you are sorely mistaken my dear, do you know either of these men?? Well I do and I can tell you they did nothing to instigate a damn thing, come on with two kids in the car, are you for real???

  2. I think you have completely misunderstood what I wrote ...

    I DO NOT believe that the men who were shot did ANYTHING wrong. I was saying that the SHOOTER was trying to instigate a problem !!!

    I hope that others who read this understand that as well, and I apologize to you for the misunderstanding.

  3. Anonymous was an idiot. I hope he/she reads your response...

  4. Why did they get out of the car?

  5. They got out of the car because they did not want their children in danger by allowing the shooter to come up to their car after they pulled over and saw that the shooter had pulled behind him. Also, the driver of the mini van is a firefighter & EMT, it is his instinct to initially assume there may have been help needed, as the car beind them was flashing their lights and honking their horn.

  6. That really makes a lot of sense. I had wondered the same thing, and I'm really glad you pointed out the not so obvious. It is understandable from that point of view that they would get out of the car.


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