Sunday, December 10, 2006

Severe Weather Wreaks Havoc in the Northwest

Okay, a personal rant due to the recent weather events just may be in order here. I don't normally let a whole month go by without a post, but the weather really created problems for many internet users throughout the Mt. Hood area in the past few weeks. My last post, dated November 16th which was a lucky day for me, the only day out of a month long stretch that I was able to access the internet.

The first in a series of heavy weather systems that blew through the Pacific Northwest region knocked my internet service provider for a few days. My power went out for several hours, and when it came back on, my modem was malfunctioning. I replaced the modem, thinking that this would solve the problem, but the replacement was not nearly as good as the V.92 modem that lost functionality. But replacing the modem still didn't allow me to get online, and my computer was beginning to malfunction as well. So, after several weeks of checking settings, replacing phone lines, power cords, and a friendly visit from the local phone company, I managed to obtain a very slow internet connection, (most of the areas between Sandy and Government Camp lack DSL, so I make due with dial-up for now.)

After doing a Google search on the November storms in Oregon, and reading a few local blogs, I realized that I was not the only one suffering internet complications. But I guess I should be satisfied that I could gain access to the internet once again, right? Anyone else waiting as impatiently as I am for DSL to arrive in the Mt. Hood corridor? Being reduced to dial-up after living in high-tech speedy Los Angeles, it's a little like going from watching a DVD to the days of my father and his picture slide shows! I guess I'll just keep waiting...

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