Thursday, November 16, 2006

High Winds and New Snow

The wind was incredible over the past few days, knocking out power lines, toppling trees, and downed telephone service. Yep, it was windy - hurricane force winds blew through northwestern Oregon into the 90 mph zone continuously at times. But on the bright side, there is a great layer of several feet of new snow on the slopes on Mt. Hood, and that's going to make the ski season all the better.

We are about 20 miles southwest of Mt. Hood, and the weather has definitely changed over to that icy feel of approaching winter, as we anxiously await the snowfall...well at least some of us! I can hear the grumpies now, "I hate driving in the snow," or "It gets everything dirty." Well, winter-haters can go to the drier side of the mountain, because this area is known for up to 120 inches of precipitation per year, as opposed to the milder rainfall of around 60 inches per year in neighboring Portland, Oregon. Either way, I'm loving it - except when the wind knocks out my internet connection!

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