Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Flooded Rivers Cause Major Damage in Mt. Hood Area

During the month of November, there were higher than normal levels of rainfall. In fact, in the Portland area, the rainfall for the month was nearly 12 inches, double the average for this time of year. The excess water on the ground has brought about a change in the usual course of the Sandy River in several places. Houses with river views were closer than ever to the river's edge as the swelling waters of the river changed its route. Sandy River flows along a similar path as Highway 26 through the Mt. Hood Corridor.

White River overflowed across Highway 35, which is located on the east side of Mt. Hood, creating 20-foot gouges through the highway, taking out trees and boulders with it. Another area of the highway was destroyed by two creeks washing out a section north of the White River incident, and it is reported that reopening the highway may cost around $20 million.

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