Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mean Creek Gas Station

My daughter, being on the verge of her teen years, decided that we "must" watch the movie Mean Creek. After spoiling the plot for me, I was not sure I wanted to sit through the movie, but I was so glad that I did. I was completely enthralled with the scenery, and the familiarity with so many of the film locations. I hadn't quite noticed how recognizable certain trees and river bends could be. What brought it to my attention was that in the first few minutes of the movie she asked if the mountain in the background was Mt. Hood. We backed up the movie and sure enough, not only was it the great Wy'East of the land in these parts, but it was our specific view of the mountain from the south-west. I still wasn't entirely convinced that they were in our stomping grounds until I saw the gas station in Estacada, where I have been nearly every time we drive out that direction. Okay, so not to say I didn't enjoy the plot of the movie with her, I think we just enjoyed two very different aspects of what we were seeing before us. I actually enjoyed what Mean Creek was about, and I won't spoil the plot for others, but it has a great life lesson for teens.

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