Saturday, October 28, 2006

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Over the past few years, the number of people who have been shot to death by Oregon's finest has grown. Some would say that crime has gotten worse, and police must take a stand against unruliness. Others would say that so many people are on drugs, that the increased use of deadly force has become a necessary evil. And still others would argue that if authorities make an "example" out of some of the wrong-doers, then they could possibly scare young kids to stay out of trouble. Does it work? You should ask the youth of today. Most would say that they don't want trouble with the police, many even fear the police. A few have respect for the uniformed men and women they feel are protecting them.

What ever happened to shooting a dangerous criminal in the knee caps such as in the old western days? At least he would live to take his punishment, but if you point blank kill someone because they are not "obeying" your commands, things - even in our world - have gone too far. How have we become a society where a young naked man who was severely burned in his car and now running down the highway for help, gets shot and killed by the police before he can tell them what has happened to him? Sandy Police and Clackamas County Sheriffs called the deadly force "necessary", shooting and killing a helpless unarmed man. Yet the people of Oregon quitely take this abuse of power. This is not an isolated incident, there are countless abuses of the system, and since not very many people are aware of the frequency of these tragic events. It has become the duty of all Oregonians to take a stand. If nothing else, take the time to educate yourself, and your children.

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