Saturday, October 25, 2008

Last Days of Sunshine on Mt Hood Before Ski Season!

Most of the roads to the lower elevation lakes are still open, and there’s time to get in some fishing, photography, or lakeside hiking before the snow starts to fall. The weather seems to be holding up; the news forecast predicts that there will be sunshine for a good portion of the week.

Because we've had some wet weather recently, the forest is green and plush, but dress warm – the sun can be slightly deceiving! Even though it may look warm from your window, it’s cold out there! Dress in layers, but make sure that you have long sleeves – AND a jacket.

Since the snow brings a slew of snow sports, it can be exciting for some to see the weather changing. But wait - you may still want to try to enjoy the last few days of sunshine while you still can! - otherwise, you might just have to wait another year!

(Pictured Above: Little Crater Lake, Mt Hood Area, Oregon)

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