Tuesday, March 11, 2008

24 Year Old Skis Off 250 ft Cliff at Mississippi Head on Mt Hood

Would you purposely jump off the steep 250 ft. drop of Mt Hood's Mississippi Head? Well, Matthias Giraud did - and he's got the video to show off his perfect landing!

Giraud has been skiing for quite a few years, but more recently decided to go for base jumping. Several months later, he combined the two sports, and began planning jumps. He recently took his passion to Mt Hood, and shot down the slope at around 40 mph as he headed over the jump from the Mississippi Head. But my second-hand commentary would only diminish the moment, so I highly suggest watching the video below - it's truly awesome! The video is from Frontside Productions, and includes footage from the ground, as well as shots from Giraud's point of view. The helmet-cam views were just beautiful - it's almost as if you were there - but not.

Also check out the interview with Matthias Giraud on YouTube.

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