Thursday, February 14, 2008

Local Mt Hood Entertainment Hot Spots

All around the Mt Hood area, there are cool places to go, bands to check out, and local entertainment - you just have to know where to look. Head in to the wrong place and you could end up with a room full of eyes - all on you! But some places are just cool in general, some more trendy than others, but most have the good old mountain feel to 'em.

Here are just a few, some I'be been to, others I've only heard the stories, but wherever you go, just be sure to drive safely. We locals have to share the road with some pretty out of control people, and many have paid the price. So whether you're a local or a fun and friendly visitor - have a designated driver. But on again to the fun, check out some of these favorite local Mt Hood hang-outs, and let's hear your comments on the places you most like to go on the mountain!

Charlie's Mountain View Restaurant and Bar is one of Government Camp's local entertainment hubs. While it's definitely a great place to go anytime of year, the summer months are definitely filled with some awesome local entertainers. Their website has a calendar that shows which musical artists are scheduled, but you never know what spontaneous thing may happen over at Charlie's! (Check out the webcam on their site, too!)

Mt Hood Roasters Restaurant has some fun weekend entertainment as well, with loca favorites like Bob Voll, (who we locals also know as the UPS guy!) Check out their Events Calendar for more of their scheduled events. When the weather is nice, you can sit on the patio and watch live bands play, while you sip a cold beer next to the warm table heaters! The original owners still produce the awesome locally roasted coffee, which you can find online to enjoy some of that tasty brew at home! Roasters was once well known as Welches Living Room, and under the ownership - they are now branding themselves as home of the 4-egg omlet!

Hood River County Chamber of Commerce has the scoop on local entertainment in the Hood River area. I happen to live on the other side of the mountain from Hood River - so hopefully you locals out there will chime in on the comments and let us know where the fun is!

I'd love to send you to the website for the Skyway Bar & Grill in Zig Zag (just east of Welches), but they don't seem to have one. They have recently re-opened, but where once the talk of the town! I did however stumble upon this neat list of local restaurants, though! Take a look and check a few of them out. Or if you've already been to some of them, share your experience in the comments area!


  1. Interesting, will take note the next time I visit.

  2. It would be great if you'd drop by and tell us where else you find on your next trip out! Sometimes locals take things for granted - and often don't enjoy them the way visitors do!


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