Saturday, July 21, 2007

What is Your Favorite Mt Hood Spot?

Of all the great places around Mt Hood that there are to visit, most locals or frequent visitors have their favorite place to relax, enjoy the views, take pictures, or just soak in some of the pristine waters near the mountain. It's hard for me to pinpoint my abosulte favorite place, between the Hood River Valley spread out over miles of orchards and vinyards with the majestic mountain backdrop, and the dense semi-rain forests of the south-west flanks of Wy-east. I love sitting on the shores of the serene lakeside at Trillium, and wandering along the Zig Zag and Sandy rivers.

Perhaps one my favorite would be the beautiful views along Lolo Pass, just beyond the old Barlow Trail road, with so many gorgeous low-lying mountain tops visible from the windy road, Mt Hood standing it all its glory, rising above the thickly treed foothills. So, what's your favorite place among the vast expanse of the Mt Hood area?


  1. I haven't been this far west. We did live in Colorado for 4 years. If my husband finds out there's a railroad he'll find a way to get there. Beautiful scenery, though.

  2. My favorite spot is Veda Lake and the view from the peak on the trail that you take to hike there. It is unbelievable!


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