Friday, July 20, 2007

How the Village of Zig Zag Got the Name

The early pioneers of the Oregon Trail named many of the places we know today. The land around Mt. Hood was known only to the Native Americans, and until then, had no official names. The area was largely untraveled, and as the early immigrants passed through, giving way to some of the well known areas we call home in the beautiful Mt. Hood Corridor.

The Zig Zag river, which was runs along part of the Barlow Road route. As they followed the river along part of the trail, they were increasingly frustrated by all of the "zigs and zags" as the winding river took them back and forth through the thick forest. They coined the river's name as Zig Zag, and through the years the name seemed to stick. The town later adopted the name, and is now home to one of the best pizza on the mountain, found at the Zig Zag Inn. There is also a Subway sandwhich shop, a few local businesses, and a soon-to-be-open Zig Zag Mountain Store, which was a local favorite for years before a temporary closure. Don't forget to take the beautiful Lolo Pass for some magnificent photo ops along the west side of Mt. Hood.

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