Monday, January 08, 2007

Mt Hood Skier Killed By Unknown Snowboarder

Geoffry Scott Bradeen, a 45-year old skier from North Portland, was found by passers-by at Mt. Hood Meadows on Friday morning, around 9:45. Skiers noticed him lying in the snow near the top of the North Canyon ski run, a beginners slope. Deputy Matt English, from the Hood River County Sherriff's Office, states that Bradeen may have fallen, and possibly got hit by an unknown snowboarder as he was attempting to get back up. Bradeen was not wearing a helmet and suffered massive head injuries. He was pronounced dead at the resort's medical clinic by an assistant Hood River County medical examiner, who was also skiing that morning. The run was closed for about three hours following the incident.

While sherriffs do not suspect that there was any criminal intent, he is eager to find out more information from anyone who may know who the unidentified snowboarder was. There appears to have been no witnesses to the collision, but English would like to obtain a statement from the snowboarder who left the scene of the accident.

When operators got the 9-1-1 call from passing skiers, they forwarded it to the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol, who arrived at the scene shortly after. English believes that it is possible that the person who hit Bradeen may have returned to the place of accident, but may have been scared off by the police presence.

Snowboarders tend to pose a greater risk on the ski runs, as they ride the slopes often with their backs turned, offering less of an opportunity to spot skiers on the runs. Some ski and snowboard resorts separate the runs offered to skiers and snowboarders, and some prohibit snowboarding all together. Although the county sherriff's office states that it does not appear to be a crime, it is not known whether the snowboarder could face charges for the "hit-and-run" death, since he had a choice at one point to report the accident.

UPDATE: While no one actually saw the collision, there were people who heard the incident. Meanwhile, the snowboarder who hit Bradeen said that someone was hurt and that he was going to get help. He never returned.

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  1. So no one saw the guy get hit? Yet they know a snowboarder did it?

  2. I'm no expert, but I'm gonna guess...the tracks??? Ski tracks are a bit different than snowboard tracks, and that early in the morning, I doubt there were very many tracks. Also, there are unconfirmed reports of a snowboarder leaving the area around the same time...

  3. Good point, anonymous. I also heard about the snowboarder leaving the area, but no one knew yet that there was trouble, and as you said - it's unconfirmed.


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