Saturday, September 16, 2006

Villages at Mt Hood Gained County Approval

In July of 2006, the areas between Sandy and Government Camp have officially become the Villages At Mt. Hood. The area lies between 40 and 60 miles east of the city of Portland, and makes Clackamas county the only county in the state of Oregon to have officially recognized villages. Although the locals refer to residing in the area as "living on the mountain", the villages are located in the foothills of Mt. Hood, beginning about 9 miles outside of the city of Sandy, and ending about 8 miles west of Government Camp. While Government Camp didn't opt to become one of the villages included in the new boundary, the locals there are considering applying for village status of the tiny mountain town referred to by locals as "Govy".

The villages encompass the small towns of Marmot, Brightwood, Wemme, Welches, Zig Zag, Faubion, and Rhododendron. There are several post offices in the area, and if you've never been to the "mountain", there are some great festivals, summer concerts, restaurants, live bands, pubs, book stores, pizza places, video rentals, a library, and karaoke fun. You can also enjoy great outdoor activities that are fun for the family such as hiking, mountain biking, skiing nearby, cabins with hot tubs, and awesome small town atmosphere! Keep your private life to yourself though, this is one small area where gossip travels faster than you can drive!

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