Tuesday, October 17, 2006

There's More than One Volcano in Oregon!

Okay, so I’m sure I’m not the only one to surf the web and find some really aweful untruths! But this one really bothered me, more than usual - and I just had to share. So many people are convinced that if they read it on the internet - it must be true! How far from reality that train of thought has travelled - much of what you may read on the internet is regurgitated information originating from another source, either another website, blog, offline reference books, and even television.

Yesterday while surfing the net I found a website called America’s Stories, put out by the Library of Congress, in which people are invited to send in their “story” for online publication. I noticed a link that was titled, “A Volcano In Oregon” which brought me to the irritating story that prompted me to write this post.A little research of my own brought the real truth, which is that there are 17 major listed volcano regions in Oregon, and somewhere around 600 volcanoes in the state. So, either the writer of the story doesn’t live in Oregon - or that was just an exerpt from their new book, “Geology and Vulcanology for Dummies”. Most of their facts about Mt. Mazama were pretty close, and they managed to dig up an old photo of Crater Lake that appears to be one of the first pictures ever taken of the lake and Wizard Island. They did however display a great legendary photo of the lake and the island!

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