Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Facebook Group for Mt Hood Locals to Buy, Sell, and Barter!

Looking for a way to connect with others in Mt Hood to buy, sell, and barter? There's a brand new Facebook group that is set up just for that purpose! Whether you're a local artist, local business, or an individual who just wants to sell a few things, if you live on the mountain - it can be difficult (at best) to connect with locals in the community to buy or sell things, and even harder to find people to barter with. The group, Mt Hood Buy, Sell, Barter,  is open to all Facebook members, and local Mt Hood area residents are encouraged to join. It's free to use, free to join, and free to post. 

In Portland, Craigslist is great, but just doesn't seem to reach the Mt Hood area, the local area postings in Mt Hood area are sparse, if any... Garage sales and yard sales are great, but with short summers and long months of cold rainy or snowy weather, outdoor selling is limited to the sunny months. With so many people using Facebook as a way to stay connected, it has become a great community resource, and now - it brings us all together in one place to buy, sell, and trade - for free!

Join the Facebook group today, and start posting, selling, and reaching out to other locals in the area! Invite your friends, family and neighbors, and help build Mt Hood's newest local venue, Mt Hood Buy, Sell, Barter

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  1. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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