Monday, December 22, 2008

Mt Hood is Definitely Getting a White Holiday Season!

But it's not just the Mt Hood area, but Portland, Vancouver, and the rest of the Oregon and Washington areas - both east and west of the Cascades. There is another set of storms gearing up to drop a lot more snow on the area, and even though this is nearly the perfect storm for skiers and snowboarders, getting up to the mountain hasn't exactly been easy.

Anyone driving in the Portland metro area has been required to have chains on their vehicles, but with so many roads closed, several stretches of area highways shut down due to ice and blizzard-like conditions, severe wind and thick snowdrifts, people haven't been getting very far.

The Portland airport (PDX) has been plowing the runways, keeping them open for traffic coming in and taking off - but the airlines have canceled most flights into and out of the area. TriMet has been attempting to provide transportation to the many people trying to navigate the snowy, icy streets, but even with the buses fully chained-up, getting stuck is a very real possibility. Greyhound buses stopped as well, leaving about 150 people stuck sleeping on benches at the depot.

More snow is coming in later this week, and could be dropping quite a bit of fresh snow. While it sure is beautiful, you tend to wonder when it will stop. So as for this "Arctic Blast" as the media has tagged it, I've started to call it, "The Storm that Wouldn't Quit". It seems like a winter wonderland for kids, skiers, quad-riders, and tractor owners as I watch the interesting forms of transportation that have been gracing the streets during this 40-year record breaking snowstorm.


  1. Howdy ~ just love your Mt Hood bloggings and truly appreciate the photos.
    Have you ever been to Oregon City?
    And have you ever been to Mt Pleasant? My mom was born there, now deceased, and always wondered what it looked like there. Also, my grama is buried facing Mt Hood.
    Kudos to all of your blogs.
    And what about Canemah? My great grampa lived there for a time; was railroad conductor.

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