Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Three Mount Hood Hikers Caught in Avalanche

The three hikers were seen climbing near the Pearly Gates area approximately 2200 ft from the summit of Mount Hood. The climbers were reportedly on their way down the mountain when a 60 to 80 ft wall of snow broke and crashed down toward the climbers.

About 500 yards away, a man witnessed the avalanche sweep the three climbers about 350 feet before landing 18-yr old Ian Metcalf up to his waist. He was upright and able to breath, suffering minor injuries to his face, arms and abdomen.

He had been climbins with two others, one of them an experienced climber from Eugene, and the other climber had no experience climbing prior to ascending Mt Hood. Luckily, all three escaped the potentially deadly avalanche that day, and even Ian is excitedly planning his next mountaineering adventure.

Search and Rescue personnel wish to remind the public of the extreme dangers that exist on the mountain at this time with the intense sun and potential for avalanche activity.
Photo provided by Clackamas County Sheriff's Office

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  1. why do people continue into this life threatening situation knowing it's history. why? For a high to climb a mt. and if you don' make it then what?


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