Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nationwide Bomb Scare Begins at the Sandy Safeway

For nearly a week now, the Safeway in the small city of Sandy, Oregon has drawn quite a bit of attention. A string of national bomb scares aimed towards obtaining a wire transfer began with a phone call to the Sandy Safeway. The caller seems to be aware of the movements inside the businesses, leading officials to believe that the people behind the threats could have hacked into the video surveillance systems. There have been 15 stores in 11 states that have received similar threats, sparking an ongoing federal investigation.

Sandy is less than 10 miles north-west of the comfortable place that this blog calls home, nestled on the flanks of majestic Mt Hood. Sure there are common small town issues in the growing, yet friendly and family oriented town, but the recent events raise many questions about how safe it is in any city of town in the United States. Although most people don't put too much worry into the overall safety of each individual community, the fact remains that none of us are a small speck on the map anymore. The beautiful and serene landscapes of the scenic Mt Hood area are not immune to the troubles of modern day terrorism. In these times, no city has such immunity.

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