Sunday, July 08, 2007

Timberline Reached 95 Degrees

It was an amazingly hot day at Timberline today. We went up to the lodge with family who had never seen the beautiful mountain, and thought it would be a cool retreat from the sweltering heat below, but it wasn't. We were so hot, we bought clothing that was cooler than what we wore, hoping to cool off a bit. As a local, I withstood the comments about being a tourist as I sported my new Timberline tank top. But the real mystery was how the skiers and snowboarders could stand being dressed in full winter gear as they descended the glaciers, landing in the parking lot below. A group of them left the mountain donned in snow hats and sweatshirts, ski jackets, and other winter clothing as I fought to stay cool in the near 95 degree weather!

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