Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wilderness Survival Spring Hiking Tips

As winter fades away, we tend to forget the dangers that are present when going on hikes in the spring. Rain and ice are still a very real danger during this time of year, but the deceivingly clear skies tend to fool us into thinking it's warm outside. Protect yourself, and be prepared for either winter weather, or spring sunshine. A wise man I know says, "It's Oregon, bring your sunglasses and your umbrella." Remind yourself of the following when traveling, hiking or biking in the forest:

  • Tell someone else where you are going, so that if there is trouble - someone will know where to begin looking for you.
  • Bring a backpack with your basic needs.
  • Know what your plan is if the weather turns bad quickly, as it often does in the spring.
  • Bring something plastic to cover yourself with, such as a poncho, large trash bag, or tarp in case you are caught in the rain while in a wide open space with little or no cover available.
  • If there is a chance of rain, avoid lower-elevation hikes that run along the rivers to lessen the chance of being caught in swelling waters or flooding.
  • Stay on logging roads or well traveled back-roads if you are driving.
  • Use 4-wheel drive on dirt roads where puddles could be thick mud, and many times are deeper than they appear.
  • Be prepared for snow, ice, freezing water, hail, and bright sun. Around here, you could see it all in one day. Night tempuratures are still below freezing in many areas.
  • Higher elevations are still snowy and icy, and some roads are still closed - Even if they are not marked as closed, some roads are simply located in higher elevations, and could be blocked by snow. Many roads are not plowed all winter, and could pose a serious threat to people stuck in their vehicle in the snow.
  • Studded snow tires are no longer allowed for normal driving at this time of year. If you are driving in higher elevations, and you come across snow on the road, do not continue to rise in elevation without proper equipment to deal with snow.

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  2. These are some vey good tips - spring mud can really slow you down


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