Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pictures of Mt Hood and the Smoking Hills

On one of those recent sunny days, I decided that a few pictures of Mt. Hood on a clear day would be beautiful. I had some errands to run, and would be passing through the town of Sandy, and thought I'd take my camera. The pictures didn't turn out as well as I thought they would, it seems that there was a lot of trash that had built up over the past few weeks of rain, and was just waiting to be burned. It was like the hills were on fire, smoke rising from the foothills of Mt. Hood, hazing the air just enough to glaze my photos a blurry sensation. (The pictures were taken from John's Rud Viewpoint on Bluff Road in Sandy, just a short distance from Highway 26.

I'll get over it, there will be many more photogenic days ahead. Spring will bring rain, and summer will bring sunny skies, and throughout each, there will be plenty of opportunities to capture the essence of the mountain area. They're still nice images, although next time I'll try to go east for my pictures, instead of west. Lolo Pass has quite a few really nice viewpoints of Mt. Hood, and a mysterious waterfall that can only be seen in certain light. It's all right around here, I just need to find the time to get out there, and get a few great shots of the mountain.

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