Thursday, January 25, 2007

Guess What We Made In the Snow...

This is just a little fun for the day, a break in the serious work. Okay, so we actually had some snow fun recently, but need a little help with discovering what it is that we've made, because we don't exactly know what we've made! It started out as a fun little project to make something really cool in the snow that fell last week, but it turned out that someone else had already built a traditional snowman, so that just seemed redundant. You can't just build a snowman next to someone else's masterpiece, (especially when they are outside watching to see what you come up with!)

We started out rolling the body in the usual way, but once we placed the giant snowballs one on top of another, we decided it would be more fun to "sculpt" a creature out of the massive snow-statue. Since there was already a snowman, we immediately decided whatever we made, it should be female to balance out the demographics of the snow-people in the snowy field. But the more we sculpted, the more we realized that we weren't exactly making a snow-person, but rather some sort of Asian inspired Miss Piggy alien! Anyway, it was just for fun, I don't think we'll be winning any awards for our bizzare creature - but hopefully you find fun in it, too!

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