Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Mysterious Waterfalls of Lolo Pass

Last summer, while on a quick drive up Lolo Pass from Hwy 26, my husband said "Stop right here...", where we got out of and stared into the distance at the densly forrested moutains, with the majestic Mt. Hood towering over us. At first I just thought he liked that particular view, the Zig Zag mountain area is beautiful, but then he spoke. "If we really look, we can see the waterfalls." Well after about 15 minutes of really looking, we gave up, and went on with our drive. "They really are there," he said, "I've seen them."

Well it's winter now, and Lolo Pass is closed most of the way, so I did a Google search on Lolo Pass and the Highway 26, generally for something interesting to read about other people's experiences with the area, and found that my husband was not the only person who had seen the mysterious waterfalls, but one man spent 20 years trying to discover the ghost-like falls, which are known as "Apparition Falls". The theory behind the mystery is that one can only see the waterfalls in a certain light. The day we went, it was very bright and beautiful, with the sun high above us.

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