Thursday, October 19, 2006

Meth Bust in Wildwood

Clackamas County Sheriffs removed biggies, pipes, scales, and other paraphernalia in a meth bust in the Wildwood area of the Mt Hood corridor, along with a small undisclosed amount of the drug. The bust is considered to be pretty big, even though only a small amount of the illegal substance was found in the home, because of one single find: George Lee Gress, 62. It is actions such as this that are helping to reduce the number of meth labs statewide.

Gress has been the cause of many complaints not only to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, but to the Sandy Police Department as well for nearly 10 years. Gress was arrested Oct. 12th, with enough evidence to suspect distribution, but police do not believe that the drug was being manufactured in the home. Other locally known meth users have in most cases mentioned Gress's name in many conversations with authorities, and his name has become associated with distribution of methamphetamines. His arrest is considered a major blow to the meth trade in the Villages at Mt Hood and Sandy areas.

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